david is in Africa


Entering the new media blooming era, David’s expertise further shines through more channels as he gradually develops into a social influencer in the category. He created his own fun yet educational short videos, including David Laris Challenge Show, David Laris How to and David Laris The Arts of Refined Dining, One Minute Tutorial to showcase the culinary arts as well as share practical kitchen techniques. He also appears in shows joined by other celebrities such as The Kitchen Notebook. His professionalism attracts professional kitchen brands like Chef Works, MijiKitchen and KitchenAid for collaboration. By distributing videos and posts on Weibo, WeChat, Bilibili, TikTok, Youku, Youtube, Instagram, he started to grow a remarkable fan base across platforms. His Weibo followers rapidly increased to 700,000 within a couple of months. For the last three months, his Weibo posts reached over 12 million impressions while the featured David Laris Challenge Show got an engagement of over 4 million for each episode.

David lives by the ethos EAT. NO. EVIL and is an advocate for cruelty free and sustainable dining. This faith also expands outside the kitchen to environment protection, charity and wellness. He works with charity: water to appeal more attentions and actions on water scarcity around certain areas in Asia and Africa. The ongoing fundraising for charity: water initiated by David on social media has already helped more than 200 people get access to clean water. He also worked with Teens for Food Justice (TFFJ), an organization that empowers teens as change agents towards solution of food security, by cooking for a table of celebrities and entrepreneurs in an event to bring awareness to the TFFJ. In addition, he was actively involved in social media campaigns for public benefits like Lonely Whale Strawless Ocean and No Smoking Day.