Besides his own restaurant creations, he also founded David LarisCreates to develop original food and beverage concepts for other brands. During the past 15 years, David has cooperated with some of the international renowned names, including Swire Hotel Group, Baccarat, Chanel, Dunhill, Diageo, Martini, Mattel, and conceptualized over 100 ideas in Greater China. He also took an important part in the World Expo 2010 to set up the logistic and supply chain for the Australian and Dutch Pavilions and served as the F&B Consultant and Catering Partner from the pre-opening. As the Chief Creative Officer at Cachet Hotels & Resorts, he input his innovation and award winning F&B concept to bring the diversified dining experience to a next level.

In addition, David made contributions to the food and beverage industry from a macro perspective by helping shape the food and drink supply chain as well as establish the importing of high-end and mass manufactured products into China. He engaged with multiple groups to research the China food industry and the market on information ranging from supply, logistic to legal, networking aspects to create channels for products segments into China. For instance, he worked with representatives of the Greek and European Trade Commissions on opening the supply of Olive Oils, Australian Meats and Seafood and more. He was also among the first ones to supply direct imported wine into his own restaurants.