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  • 35 Years Experience
  • Over 100 F&B Concepts
  • Award Winning TV Shows
  • Internationally Acclaimed
  • Media AppearancesĀ  & Public Speaking
  • Brand Creative - Design & Development

David Laris, born and raised in Bellbrook Australia with Greek origins, entered the culinary industry at the age of 16. He drew inspirations and infused flavor from his global travels and created a broad spectrum of flavor profile. Started in Sydney, his undying spark of passion and curiosity for international cultures eventually brought him to Asia, where he honed his skills in Macau SAR, Hong Kong SAR and Vietnam. Then he departed to the other side of the world and continued exploring the culinary art in Europe. Despite how quickly he rose to his public acclaim when he was working in Mezzo in London, when the opportunity arose, he recognized the vast potential of the Chinese mainland market and then transferred the focus of his career there.

Fast forward to the present, he currently holds different roles of Chief Creative Officer at Cachet Hotels & Resorts, Managing Director at Acorn Digital and CEO& Co-Founder of David Laris Creates. As he builds up his professional reputation, he also accumulates diversified personal labels to his public presence, including Celebrity Chef, Social Media Influencer, Foodie, Advocates of environment protection, charity and wellness, or Tattoo artist. Each one represents a part of him and the path he has been through.